The Fanedit Network FAQ

What is The Fanedit Network?

A general source to watch and/or download your favorite fan edits.


Where Do We Get the Fan edits?

Links are requested by us to the editors themselves, available from around the internet and/or submitted  by people like you.


How Would I be Able to Directly Contact an Editor?

You can go to our handy guide to fan editors here. If by any chance a particular editor is not listed, please bring it to our attention.


What Kind of Files are provided through the Fanedit Network?

We do our best to share direct video files. If not able, we provide .dlc files, .rar files, zip files and etc.


How Would I be Able to Decrypt Files in Order to Watch a Fan Edit?

There are a couple of ways we know of. You can use the extraction tool ezyZip to extract zip files and/or convert files. Also you may try to decrypt basic .dlc files.  Both are free and easy to use.


Does The Fanedit Network List Torrents?

Absolutely not.


Is The Fanedit Network on Social Media?

Of course. We currently have a YouTube channel, Instagram Page and Reddit page.


Why are Some Links Greyed Out?

These are mostly edits that have broken links for the time being, or edits that are awaiting to be available to enter in our database.


How Can I Contribute?

Feel free to help us by submitting edits. Please feel free to keep us updated with broken links that we may have missed as well.


Does the Fanedit Network Host Fan Edits?

No we do not.